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“I just wanted to give some kudos to one of the advisors I was referred to through our network. One of our clients was audited and the IRS issued a huge income assessment, reclassifying income from China into the US. I have spoken with a transfer pricing group out there and they thought that the IRS assessment was “in the ballpark”. I reached out to my network and a number of you recommended WTP Advisors. WTP found significant errors in the IRS approach, performed their own study, and helped us negotiate in the meeting with the IRS regional managers. As a result of their excellent work, our tax lawyer was able to negotiate a settlement of approximately 13% of the original assessment. Needless to say, a huge win for our client. The WTP transfer pricing team was really terrific, and I would recommend them to anyone who has clients with foreign subsidiaries.”


“I had a large manufacturing client that I knew would benefit from a TxT Analysis to increase their IC-DISC commission calculations. I was asked around and heard about WTP Advisors through a colleague of mine. I called and spoke with Brian Schwam and Jim Fyhrie about my client’s situation. They told me that they believed they could increase my clients IC-DISC commission. My client’s IC-DISC commission over doubled by having WTP Advisors do a TxT analysis. My client was ecstatic with the result. I have since referred many of my clients to Brian and Jim and my client’s have not been disappointed. I love working with WTP Advisors (specifically Brian and Jim) as they are very knowledgeable and professional and always meet the time constraints that are agreed upon. My clients are so grateful that I have referred them onto WTP Advisors and by doing so, it has saved my client’s a lot of tax dollars.”

Erich Pugh

“We have now engaged WTP to do our ongoing annual DISC calculations and the preparation of our annual DISC tax return. In this regard, I would not hesitate to recommend working with them as they have delivered and have helped drive significant value & its shareholders.”

Erich Pugh


Twin City Hide, Inc.

“We recently connected with Brian and Jim from WTP to explore maximizing (via amended returns) our IC-DISC commissions for a couple of open tax years. I immediately became very comfortable with them vis-à-vis their deep knowledge of the tax technical aspects of IC-DISC’s. The whole process (from engagement letter to delivery of amended returns), WTP were very responsive and did quick turnarounds on calculations and the deliverables. The quality of their work was exceptional.”

Twin City Hide

Twin City Hide

We Specialize in International Tax, Transfer Pricing, IC-DISC, International Valuation, and Technology Solutions

WTP Advisors is your trusted team for reliable and experienced IC-DISC,
international tax and transfer pricing services. Our unique focus, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to excellence combine to deliver exceptional results. Since 2005, our independent firm has supported numerous businesses ranging in size and scope, from budding startups to multinational corporate titans. We have the
capacity and drive to deliver global services, with active clients worldwide.

Industries We Serve

With advanced analytical capabilities and agile service delivery, we excel in assisting global businesses operating in dynamic industries with a high level of efficiency and accuracy. Leveraging critical analysis and cutting-edge technology solutions, we customize our services to align with the unique requirements of your business and sector. Drawing from our team's extensive experience across diverse industries, we anticipate your needs and craft a tailored approach to provide comprehensive, insightful, and innovative solutions that drive your business towards success.

  • Aerospace

  • Chemicals

  • Agriculture

  • Manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Medical

  • Recycling

  • Technology

  • Wholesale & Distribution

Our Innovative Technology Platforms

Wisdom from experience and drive from curiosity:

At WTP Advisors, we pride ourselves on being leaders in international tax, transfer pricing, IC-DISC, international valuation, and technology. Our team balances years of experience with an inherent curiosity to understand the intricacies of each client’s business. We quickly adapt to an ever-evolving world to maximize profits, improve processes, and develop forward-thinking strategies for our clients.

We offer four customizable technology platforms: Transportal, Exportal, Importal, and Asset Integrity that will help you manage your specific transfer pricing, tax, IC-DISC, and fixed asset programs.


Reasons Our Clients Choose To Work With Us

Clients choose to partner with WTP Advisors as their international tax advisory firm for several key reasons. Firstly, our firm offers unparalleled expertise and specialization in international tax matters, backed by a proven track record of success. We provide customized solutions tailored to each client's unique needs, leveraging a global perspective to navigate complex tax implications across multiple jurisdictions. With an innovative approach and client-centric focus, we prioritize delivering tangible results while ensuring compliance and managing risks effectively. Moreover, our commitment to ongoing support ensures that clients receive the guidance they need to thrive in an ever-evolving tax landscape.


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Tax & Business Advisory
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  • International Business Valuations

    WTP Advisors provides comprehensive valuation services for international businesses, offering expert analysis across global markets.

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    WTP Advisors specializes in optimizing IC-DISC structures for eligible exporters, maximizing tax savings and and compliance expertise.

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  • Transfer Pricing

    WTP Advisors helps multinational companies navigate complex cross-border transactions while ensuring compliance and minimizing tax risks.

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  • International Tax

    WTP Advisors offers a range of international tax advisory services, assisting clients with tax planning, compliance, and risk management.

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  • CPA Firm Collaboration

    As a referring CPA firm, WTP Advisors can enhance your service offerings with an expanded range of technical resources.

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  • Our Innovative Technology Platforms

    Our technology platforms provide intuitive, user-friendly solutions for complex tax problems. Each platform offers real-time reporting and day-to-day workflow management that facilitates collaboration and simplifies compliance. We strive to keep our programs on the cutting edge of financial software innovations to ensure that you always receive a dynamic experience that is both adaptive and reliable. You’ll be able to coordinate global activity for greater efficiency and business cohesion, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and direct your energy into profitable avenues.

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    Technology Solutions

    Whether you are looking for guidance and assistance in international tax, transfer pricing, IC-DISC, or international valuation, our team offers collaborative and technology-driven solutions. Schedule your consultation to learn how WTP Advisors can support your global business.

    Industry leaders for solutions and capabilities